Our mission

DeltaViet Education Coprporation (a.k.a DeltaViet), is a leading e-learning platform for soft skills and professional skills development in Vietnam. Our mission is to to enable anyone to teach and learn online.

DeltaViet Intel DST Challenge 2012

Business Description

DeltaViet works with qualified teachers, experts and business people to create high quality online courses on diverse subjects. Most of them are soft skills and professional skills courses.

Our Stats

From launching (May 2013), DeltaViet has become one of the best e-learning platforms which has attracted more than 10.000 paid students.



    • One of the two Vietnamese finalists at Intel DST Asia Pacific Challenge 2012 in Bangalore, India.
    • Rank 1st in online skills training sector with >10.000 students.
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The management team is comprised of members who have 3-5 years of experience in education sector and able to support to each other:

Mr. Minh Nguyen - CoFounder & Managing Director

Minh is a passionate, strong-will and full-fledged entrepreneur. He has 5 years experience of entrepreneurship, management and online training. He believe in leading by coaching and empowering his team member while dedicates all his time and energy for the causes he believes in.

He was one of 2 representatives of Vietnam in Intel DST Asia Pacific Challenge 2012 Grand Finale in Bangalore, India; Co-author of Following Dream book – one of the best selling soft skills book (2011) and one of 17 typical Social Entrepreneur in Vietnam (awarded by CSIP in 2010).

Minh is also gradutated from Founder Institute.

Mr Hieu Nguyen - CoFounder & Partner Relationship Director

Hieu (a.k.a HieuInfo) has diverse, profound experiences and networks in following fields: Finance, Investment, Trading to Technology, Web Online; E-commerce that can be strong leverages for startups. Hieuinfo has graduated from Founder Institute, which is an early-stage startup accelerator and global launch network that helps entrepreneurs create meaningful and enduring technology companies.

Currently, HieuInfo is Founder of AutoLink JSC – reliable and creditable member of BNI (Business Networking International), and Partner Relationship Director at DeltaViet.vn. Before, Hieuinfo has developed a trading company achieve gross sales in 2011 surpassing by 40% gross sales in 2010 and 100% in 2009

Accompany with 10 full-time employees, in which: 3 Customer Services Staffs, 3 Video Editors, 2 Marketing Executives and 2 Web Developers. We have more than 2-year experiences in editing, publishing and promoting for online skill-development courses.


All of our trainers – partners are qualified trainer, teachers and businessmen who have profound experiences in their expertized fields.

Hành Trình Delta Trainers


Qualified Courses

As a pioneer in online skills (academic and soft skills) training, DeltaViet co-operates with trainers, businessmen and experts in related fields in order to produce qualified, practical online courses.

E-learning Model

E-learning model has allowed students to approach high-tech study solution, prestigious trainers all over the country and useful, valuable skills for their lives and career afterwards.

Simple Payment

With simple, convenient payment method, students can study on website hanhtrinhdelta.edu.vn. Besides watching course videos, DeltaViet offers students real, lively study experience through multiple choice questions, coursework, after-course evaluation and qualification.

Friendly Learning Experience

Course display is friendly- and professional- design in order to excite and encourage students when they study online. All of the course content is rigorously evaluated and course videos are carefully edited by our professional video edit team. Moreover, DeltaViet employs Wowza Media Server so as to avoid downloads and smooth motions.






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195/28, đường D1, phường 25, quận Bình Thạnh, TP Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
+84 8 6675 2880

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